Meet the new dogs in town!

Pixel Pups invades the universe with bundles of cuteness. Jump into this play-to-earn game by minting a cute puppy today. There are only 1000 puppies in total, each and every one of them are unique, and they're getting adopted fast!Take your puppy to the dog park and interact with other puppy owners in this exclusive metaverse game. You never know who you will meet!
Cost per pup: Ξ0.025Only ... left!
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Ready to adopt a Pixel Pup?

Who let the dogs out?!

‣ 1000 collectible puppies living on the blockchain. Each of them are unique!‣ 150+ hand-drawn traits, the combinations are endless. Each Puppy is completely unique and cannot be duplicated.‣ Mint a puppy and become a dog owner in the metaverse!